Drag & Drop Campaign Management

We think most campaign management software is way too complex. As a result you spend more time on technical stuff than on creativity. So, we designed and built a whole new experience: Drag & Drop Campaign Management. From now on, you can play at work.


Use intuitive in-app tools and create beautiful cross platform designs in seconds. Simple and flexible.Just drag & drop


The visual campaign editor allows you to turn even the most complex campaign into a simple flowchart. Just drag & drop


Run fully automated campaigns with advanced segmentation and if-this-then-that decision making. Just drag & drop


Integrate your social media with your database marketing by including social posts and triggers in your campaign. Just drag & drop


Generate hyper personalised emails with real time content and an unprecedented level of control and finesse. Just drag & drop


Real time reports, advanced analytics and in depth profiling allow you to steer your brand in the right direction. Just drag & drop

Control all your channels from one single dashboard. Just drag & drop
Build and design digital campaigns with intuitive ease. Just drag & drop
Plan and execute social media and email efforts. Just drag & drop
Aggregate all your customer interaction in a single database. Just drag & drop

For companies

RealCampaign lets you develop and track individual relationships with all your customers, driving up sales, referrals and advocacy.

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For agencies

RealCampaign combines data-driven performance and extreme creative flexibility allowing you to deliver more impactful campaigns for your clients.

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