Use intuitive in-app tools and create beautiful cross platform designs in seconds.
Just drag & drop

  • Rich personalization options
  • Extensive photo library
  • Optimised for cross platform performance, fully responsive


The visual campaign editor allows you to turn even the most complex campaign into a simple diagram.
Just drag & drop

  • User friendly step-by-step wizards
  • Connect all your channels effortlessly
  • Create cross channel campaigns with intuitive ease in the Drag & Drop workflow


Run fully automated campaigns. No handling, no mistakes.
Just press play

  • Send out a campaign in minutes when needed
  • Plan complex campaigns in advance as if it's your agenda
  • Automatically start campaigns initiated by customers


Integrate social media posts and triggers into your campaign.
Just drag & drop

  • Stimulate the growth of your target group organically
  • Instantly share various types of content via all social channels
  • Track your social posts in real time


Generate hyper personalised emails with an unprecedented level of control and finesse.
Just drag & drop

  • Flexible email templates
  • Use queries on where your contacts are in the sales funnel
  • Import, update and map your contacts manually or automatically


Real time reports, advanced analytics and in depth profiling allow you to steer your brand in the right direction.
Just drag & drop

  • Analyse recipients behaviour and optimize immediately
  • Track the conversion success of your campaigns
  • Visualise your data in stunning infographics by simply dragging and dropping

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