We like to keep things simple. Pay a flat monthly fee per contact. Including unlimited use of RealCampaign with an unlimited number of users, unlimited postings and up to 10 outbound emails per contact per month for free! All inclusive. No extra costs. Now you can play at work.

Pricing Examples

RealCampaign lets you deliver that local, personal shop-on-the-corner experience your customers love. Whether you really are that shop on the corner with 150 clients, a global enterprise with 150 million – or anything in between.

Nina Noodles, 28

Works for a women's running gear company. Nina uses RealCampaign to plan, execute and track her online marketing. She has 10.000 contacts in RealCampaign. For €460 per month she has a 360o view of all her customers.

10.000 contacts
€460per month

John Brewer, 37

Director at an innovation-driven digital marketing agency of 50 people. They work for clients in telecommunication, automotive & retail. In total they work with a quarter of a million contacts for a total price of €2.560 per month.

250.000 contacts
€2.560per month

Laura Shah, 32

Laura is a CMO at a Multinational Ecommerce company with multiple brands in various countries. She loves the simplicity of RealCampaign as it empowers her in doing her job and helps build her team's profile within the company.

5.000.000 contacts
€10.310per month

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